Friday, 2 September 2011


Just back from a few days staying with some very dear friends in Cornwall. As a thank you for their hospitality I did a couple of water colours (not my forte) of the farmhouse they are renovating. I'd forgotten what a pleasure it can be to sit in a sunny field for an hour or so, messing about with paint.


  1. Looks perfectly accomplished to me. But I can't quite read your writing - does that say Padstow? I'm curious to know where you were... You've captured the essence of the Cornish countryside - this reminds me of a field behind Portbeor beach on the Roseland Peninsula.

  2. Hello Susan, Roseland is further west; this is just north of Looe & Fowey. secluded and beautiful, on a clear night you can just see the lights of Plymouth in the distance - by far the best way to see it! 'Wild blows the wind o'er Pendruffle'. To quote myself!!


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